Benefits enjoyed by our Franchisees

Benefits enjoyed by our Franchisees

As a HONEYKID franchisee, you gain flexibility, independence, and control of your future.  The HONEYKID system allows you to determine how and when you work; thereby creating the right work-life balance for you.

In a survey of our franchisees, they ranked the top benefits of owning a HONEYKID franchise as follows:

•Flexibility in their day to day activities

•Control and independence over their lives and future

•Joy from working with children and making a difference in their lives

•Good earning potential based on hours worked

•Supportive HONEYKID community and resources

•Exclusive Territory

 •Low Initial Investment

 •Low Royalty Fees

 •Work Full or Part Time

 •Home Based

•Low Overhead

 •Proprietary Lesson Plans

 •Training in their Territory

 •Discounted Supplies

 •Corporate Office Support

 •Simple and Easy to Operate